Brookside Pavilion Centre (Scout Hut)

Activity Classes - Tumble Tots Bolton and Bury

6 months to School Age yrs

  • Monday 9.30 - 2.30

Booking required
Contact: Carla Hamilton Tel: 07496 212259 Email:

Tumble Tots is Britain’s leading national active physical play programme for children.  Using specially designed equipment your child will learn agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination skills appropriate to their age in a fun and caring environment supervised by our trained staff.  Parents with children under three actively participate in sessions and will enjoy meeting other parents with children of the same age.

We operate several classes:

Gymbabes – 6 months (sitting) to walking confidently

With the help from parents, babies are encouraged to use all their senses gently and without pressure playing, exploring, crawling and learning together in a happy, relaxed atmosphere.

Walking to 2+

Toddlers can explore a wide variety of movement experience through free play.  With the help of parents, they make their first attempt at rolling, climbing and jumping.

2 -3 years of age

Now children are using more challenging equipment, but there’s still lots of input from parents.  Children are now introduced to the concept of Tumble Tots “activity stations” which form the basis for a range of activities to develop skills of agility, balanced, co-ordination and climbing.

3 years to pre-school age

More challenging task sequences encourage children’s co-ordination, body awareness and controlled body movements while developing self-confidence and self-esteem.  Children are well prepared for their school years ahead.

Gymbobs (school age to 7 years)

Children are introduced to far more demanding skills, including exercises with and without equipment, games, teamwork and relays.

Visit for further details and to book your trial class

Venues:  Astley Bridge (Saturday’s), Heaton (Monday’s), Adlington (Tuesday’s), Whitefield (Thursday’s),  Tottington (Friday’s).




Address:Ladybridge Lane

Area:Heaton & Lostock


Postcode:BL1 5DE

Location:Brookside Pavilion Centre (Scout Hut)

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