Turton High School

Baby Ballet

3 - 4 yrs

  • Saturday 9.30 a,m - 10.00 am

Booking required
Contact: Laura Williams Tel: 07796411564 Email: laura@northwestdance.co.uk

Baby Ballet encourages children aged 3 years + to enjoy the benefits of songs and dance. This class allows them to express themselves in a fun,safe and caring environment.  Class runs through out term time.

Call Laura  to register or email laura@northwestdance.co.uk


Q:What should they  wear?

A:Something comfortable and that allows movement. Trainer’s or pumps the recommended footwear.


Q:What me do I need to bring with me?

A:Its is always good to bring a cold drink for during class and a healthy snack for after class.


Q:Are boy welcome at dance class?

A:Both boys and girls are welcome to dance and cheerleading sessions.


Q:Do they need a uniform or special dance attire?

A:There is a uniform that you can buy but it is advisable that you allow the child to settle into class before spending any money




Address:Bromley Cross Road

Area:Bromley Cross



Location:Turton High School

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