St James's C of E High School Hall Theatre

Farnworth Karate Club

  • Wednesday 19:45 - 20:45
  • Friday 19:45 - 20:45

Contact: Sensei Stewart Procter Tel: 07712 707 238 Email:

We are a Shukokai based Karate group in Greater Manchester, England.

We see ourselves as being the best in Greater Manchester; of all the Karate Clubs around, ours is the best by far. We have been teaching Karate in the area for over thirty years and have a long association with Shukokai in Greater Manchester.

Our name (Sutemi Shukokai Karate Ryu) embraces the essence of Shukokai (The Way for All) and Sutemi – the ultimate self-sacrifice. The name is one that our students are proud of – it defines the essence of the long hard slog to becoming a master of this martial art.

Our training hall boasts all the pre-requisites – it is clean, well lit and has excellent ventilation! Add to that the superb sprung wooden floor and it’s purpose built for Karate!

We now feel that the time is right to establish a new club in this area at the heart of the Farnworth community.

Sensei Stewart Procter


Type:Martial Arts

Address:Lucas Road



Postcode:BL4 9RU

Location:St James's C of E High School Hall Theatre

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