Markland Hill Racquet and Fitness Club

Senior Fitness

50 plus yrs

  • Friday 11.00 - 12.00

Contact: Chris Bramah Tel: 07933779858 Email:

My senior-friendly strength-training class includes a wide range of functional exercises using equipment such as resistance bands and kettlebells to help assist with day to day activities. 

Research shows that resistance training can help older people in daily activities, such as climbing stairs and getting in and out of a car. 

Strength-training is particularly useful for seniors because we lose muscle strength as we age.  

To keep things fun the exercises are changed weekly so no two weeks are the same


Type:Circuit Training

Address:Victoria Road Heaton

Area:Heaton & Lostock


Postcode:BL1 5AN

Location:Markland Hill Racquet and Fitness Club

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