Top Tips for Fitness

Young or old we can all take these tips on board…

  • Search for activities on Active Young Bolton to see what’s going on for you
    or the whole family.
  • Any physical activity is better than none.  Even a five minute
    walk to the shop, or a ten minute walk with the dog.
  • Put on some music and have a dance around your living room or bedroom
  • Make it a family tradition to go for a walk after dinner once a week.
  • Park the car in the furthest spot from the store and take
    advantage of the walk.
  • Always take the stairs instead of a lift.
  • Find new ways to keep active. If you get bored of one particular activity, try something different.
  • Set challenges as a family to help motivation, for example, how many skips can you do in a minute? Or how long can you balance on one leg without letting the other touch the ground.
  • Try to swap inactive behaviours for active ones e.g. watching TV without the remote control, walking to school instead of driving.  Add these small changes together and you get a really big difference.
  • Praise reward and effort. Be positive about accomplishments, big and small and remember to recognise and reward persistence and ‘the taking part’.